Stellium in Aquarius

My image of the Stellium February 2021 on my art board

If you were on the planet in 1962, what was the energy like in our world? I can tell from a small child perspective and from research into the history. There was a potent ‘deconstruction’ energy: Anti-war demonstrations. There was a move towards community, peace, love. We saw that in the protests and turning to Peace Marches, communes, and a culture of love and sex. The Hippies and their philosophy for a better world was being communicated. Did I tell you that Aquarius is Air Element energy? This is about ideas, thinking, and communication.

We will be experiencing similar energy, because there are 6 (7 if you count asteroid) in the Zodiac sector of Aquarius. Aquarius is about humanitarianism, social life, and community. Individually, it will affect you in the area of your chart where Aquarius is. For Cancerians, it is located in the 8th house of External Resources and finding your power

Don’t confuse the Zodiac sectors (some people call houses) with the individual chart houses. This point hung me up for the longest time, when I was studying on my own. Based on your sun sign, you can find where you have each energy in your own chart. See below where this Aquarius falls in your chart and know what areas Aquarius will activate for you.

Saturn: Boundaries; limitations; in Aquarius until 2023

Jupiter: Faith; Think outside the box; in Aquarius until Dec 28, 2021 with short stay in Pisces from May 13 to July 28.

Venus: Attraction to unconventional people; friendships valued. In Aquarius until February 25, 2021.

Mercury: Thoughts. Communication unconventional. Observation keen and mind is logical. In Aquarius until March 19, 2021.

Sun: Self. Ego and will. Think outside of box. Humanitarian action. Community. Sun in Aquarius until February 18, 2021.

Moon: Feelings. Intensifies social life and humanitarian

Applying astrological energy includes many aspects, no pun intended. How to write your story for the stellium in Aquarius.

· What is happening? Celestial body (planets, asteroids, aspects between them)

o stellium

· How it is happening: where it takes place in the Zodiac sector

o The sector is Aquarius

· Where it is happening in your chart: the houses

o For each sun sign house is below

Aquarius has Aquarius in House 1: I Am

Key Word: identity

Energy: beginnings, the body, attitude, identity, and approach to life

Capricorn has Aquarius in their House 2: I HAVE

Key Word: resources

Energy: resources, habits, time management

Sagittarius has Aquarius in their House 3: I THINK

Keyword: mind

Energy: communication, sibling, community, neighbor, relationships, social activity, interests, early education

Scorpio has Aquarius in their House 4: I NURTURE

Keyword: family

Energy: roots, family relationships, self-care, emotions, and feminine

Libra has Aquarius in their House 5: I CREATE

Keyword: Creativity

Energy: Romance, love affairs, play, creativity, fertility, inner child, joy, self-expression, drama

Virgo has Aquarius in their House 6: I SERVE

Keyword: Health

Energy: health, fitness, systems, analytical nature, pets, work habits, organization, sense of

usefulness, service

Leo has Aquarius in their House 7: I PARTNER

Keyword: Relationships

Energy: relationship with others, marriage, contracts, business partners, equality, sharing, interpersonal areas

Cancerian has Aquarius in House 8: I CIRCULATE

Keyword: Intimacy

Energy: mergers, sex, intimacy, others’ resources, debt, joint ventures/goals

Gemini has Aquarius in House 9: I EXPLORE

Keyword: Learned Beliefs

Energy: travel, wisdom, higher education, philosophy, law, religion, culture, learning, ethics

Taurus has Aquarius in House 10: I ACHIEVE

Keyword: Career

Energy: career, long-term goals, structure, status, reputation, public image, masculine/yang, relationships with men and fathers or fatherhood, experts

Aries has Aquarius in House 11: I ASPIRE

Keyword: Organizations

Energy: hopes, wishes, friendships, relationship with social groups and friends, social awareness,

humanitarianism, technology, hopes, wishes, the future

Pisces has Aquarius in House 12: I DREAM

Keyword: Inner Life

Energy: endings, closure, healing, spirituality, karma, old age, the afterlife, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs, subconscious



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