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New Moon in Capricorn

New moon energy is a time of new beginnings, manifesting, setting an intention for the new moon cycle.

Astrology is not a ‘one size fits all’.

Reading an astrology is based on sun sign only and doesn’t consider all the other planets’ energy. There are so many other influences. You are each born with the planets and astral bodies in a certain placement at the time of your birth.

Capricorn energy: 10TH sector of the Zodiac is aspirations; career; structure; goals; public image; yang; male relations; experts

Capricorn Archetype: Master; Leader; Benefactor

Capricorn Energy: Responsible; Take Charge; practical

+ individual house energy: See below where the house energy will affect you

Find your sun sign. This is where you should focus your manifesting for this New Moon:

Capricorn is House 1: I Am

Key Word: identity

Energy: beginnings, the body, attitude, identity, and approach to life

Aquarius has Capricorn in their House 2: I HAVE

Key Word: resources

Energy: resources, habits, time management

Pisces has Capricorn in their House 3: I THINK

Keyword: mind

Energy: communication, sibling, community, neighbor, relationships, social activity, interests, early education

Aries has Capricorn in their House 4: I NURTURE

Keyword: family

Energy: roots, family relationships, self-care, emotions, and feminine

Taurus has Capricorn in their House 5: I CREATE

Keyword: Creativity

Energy: Romance, love affairs, play, creativity, fertility, inner child, joy, self-expression, drama

Gemini has Capricorn in their House 6: I SERVE

Keyword: Health

Energy: health, fitness, systems, analytical nature, pets, work habits, organization, sense of

usefulness, service

Cancerian has Capricorn in their House 7: I PARTNER

Keyword: Relationships

Energy: relationship with others, marriage, contracts, business partners, equality, sharing, interpersonal areas

Leo has Capricorn in House 8: I CIRCULATE

Keyword: Intimacy

Energy: mergers, sex, intimacy, shared resources, debt, joint ventures/goals

Virgo has Capricorn in House 9: I EXPLORE

Keyword: Learned Beliefs

Energy: travel, wisdom, higher education, philosophy, law, religion, culture, learning, ethics

Libra has Capricorn in House 10: I ACHIEVE

Keyword: Career

Energy: career, long-term goals, structure, status, reputation, public image, masculine/yang, relationships with men and fathers or fatherhood, experts

Scorpio has Capricorn in House 11: I ASPIRE

Keyword: Organizations

Energy: hopes, wishes, friendships, relationship with social groups and friends, social awareness,

humanitarianism, technology, hopes, wishes, the future

Sagittarius has Capricorn in House 12: I DREAM

Keyword: Inner Life

Energy: endings, closure, healing, spirituality, karma, old age, the afterlife, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs, subconscious



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