Are You Stuck? by Angelica O’Rourke

Sometimes the most profound wisdom can come from simple-minded people who break life down to …well, simple terms. For instance, there is a well-known line from Forest Gump character, that says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.” The thing is though, it should not keep you from choosing.

I have seen people pass up synchronistic opportunities just because they did not want to commit to the unknowns of the situation. One thing we all know is that nothing is for certain. People who had thriving businesses, secure jobs, and healthy, active lifestyles found out that when the fabric of society was altered due to COVID19 in 2020 that life can change quickly and without warning. Many times in life people will not choose. In life, there are many choices that are correct. We can choose based on what we want and what we know at this point in time and then move forward. Which cup are you going to choose? There is not a wrong choice.

I am here to tell you that you should not give up on yourself or your dreams. In a movie I enjoy, Lost In Yonkers, the simple-minded character is upset when her adult brother won’t conform to how she planned everything. She pleadingly tells him, “This is not how I pictured it!” He yells at her to picture it differently. Are you upset because you had life pictured a certain way? I am not yelling at you to picture it differently, but I am asking you to begin a game you play with yourself of being more flexible in how you picture your life moving forward. This is one way to get unstuck.

In this card illustration by Ciro Machetti, the Hanging Man seems stuck but in reality, he is allowing himself to hang there. He could get loose if he chose to. What is holding you back from making the decisions that could propel your life forward?

By Ciro Marchetti

Is it fear of making the wrong choice? I can tell you it is the wrong choice to not make a choice. Suck it up and do it.

Have you ever thought you wasted time in some job or activity that seemingly did not provide you any knowledge or skill that you use now? I hear this from people. I can tell you with certainty, that skills and knowledge are never wasted. It may be years along your journey that you see a use for them, but you will find a use for whatever it was you went through. Sometimes a skill you learned along the way will be of use in a totally different way than you could have imagined it would as you learned it or an activity you learned and love becomes a life-supporting job.

The little kid who loves swimming may become an underwater scientist. The teenager who helped his dad with jobs in the family garage may become a mechanic or an artist that welds masterpieces that we all appreciate. What do you enjoy doing? What did you use to do that you enjoyed? What can you take away from those activities that you could apply to life now?

What need do you see in your life or in others? Have you ever thought that somebody should do such-and-such and the next thing you know, somebody is doing it or has invented it? Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”.

Research Gate

Please get past our societies phobias of ‘danger’ and we need to make a law for this or that. How far do you think the Wright Brothers would have gotten with trying to build an airplane that could fly nowadays LOL. I don’t think they wore seatbelts. Anyway, I digress.

During the California Gold Rush in the 1800s, a few people got wealthy finding gold, but you know who made the more sustainable wealth? What do you see in this picture?

The people who made considerable wealth were those who catered to the needs of those seeking fortunes. Selling shovels, rope, picks, axes, blankets, pans, and all the other things these people would need to get the gold.

Fast forward to your life and your circumstances. Well, I think you get what I am saying. Do you want to keep hoping to hit the lottery? That is fine to buy your ticket, but also put your ingenuity to work and see the need. Stop playing games and get to work…well wait a minute, could you use those game skills in another way? Hmmmm? Now go get it done! Oh, don’t forget the helmet.



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